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Dentures are custom-made removable artificial teeth and gums that are used when there are multiple missing teeth. They can be designed as partial or full mouth appliances, depending on how many teeth need replacing. Because dentures are removable, they will never feel completely like natural teeth and it will require a few weeks to get accustomed to wearing them. However, they are a very natural looking option for teeth replacement.

Dentures can help improve your oral health by maintaining the structure of your mouth. When teeth are missing, facial muscles can start sagging, causing you to look older. Dentures can alleviate this issue and enable you to eat and speak normally. People with missing teeth often make changes to their diet and avoid foods that require chewing, which can result in poor nutrition and frustration from giving up a favorite food. Being fitted for dentures means that unhealthy teeth could be removed and replaced with functional, beautiful teeth.

Types of Dentures

Dentures are fitted to each individual. An assessment by your dentist will provide you with options in determining if you need a full or partial set of dentures. Here are the different types of dentures.

  • Full Dentures: This option is used when all your natural teeth are gone. Custom fitting takes place so the plastic base will be the foundation in which the set of plastic, porcelain, or resin teeth are attached. The plastic conforms to the shape of your mouth and is colored to resemble the natural gum tissue. Dentures are easily removed for cleaning or some full dentures can be permanently attached to the jaws using implants.
  • Partial Dentures: This option is used when you still have some natural teeth. Depending on the number of teeth the partial dentures will replace, the piece may be held together with a plastic or metal base. The partial dentures also have clasps that fit around your existing teeth and help secure them in place.

Cleaning Dentures

Even though dentures are made of artificial materials, they should still be cleaned daily. Food particles can get lodged between the artificial teeth and there will be bacteria from eating. Always remove your dentures and gently brush them with a denture brush or very soft toothbrush along with mild soap or denture cleanser. Additionally, you should gently brush your tongue, gums, and existing natural teeth (if any), to help maintain your oral health. Taking care of the dentures will help preserve them for years to come. To see if dentures in Chandler are the best option for you, schedule an appointment at our office today.

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